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Turned Seals of DMH

A focus of the DMH are seals in turned forms. Through decades of experience and cooperation with our partners, the gasket has been continuously developed further in conjunction with our specially manufactured material. The importance of the machined gasket has steadily increased in recent years, especially in the repair and maintenance sector, where the machining of gasket materials has made it possible to shorten downtimes and reduce maintenance costs.

Worth knowing

  • Fact #1

    Through continuous improvement, the quality of the turned gasket has been significantly increased. In the past, turned gaskets were considered inferior, but today we know that turned gaskets have numerous advantages.

  • Fact #2

    In addition to rapid availability and many geometric design options, the seal also has technical advantages. Due to the rotational surface quality, the oil adheres better to the contact surfaces than with sprayed, smooth surfaces.

  • Fact #3

    The seal has considerably less static friction due to the oil being deposited on the surface. You could say that the seal runs like clockwork. As a result of this lower friction, the seals can be expected to have a longer service life.

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Why Turned Seals?

  • Short delivery times

  • Oil depot in the bearings (lubricating film)

  • Avoidance of stick-slip effects

  • Low tooling costs

  • Reduced downtime

  • Small batch sizes from 1 to 100,000 pieces

  • High dimensional accuracy

  • Optimally suited for prototype manufacturing

DMH Dichtungsring

Where are Turned Seals used?

DMH-Dichtungen's field of expertise covers a large number of sectors, including engineering, construction, construction and industry, which depend on reliable hydraulic seals or pneumatic seals. For example, our company supplies the metal industry with a wide range of standard and customized seals. The pharmaceutical industry requires special PTFE seals, individual solutions and elastomer materials with food approval. Our products also meet the high requirements of the food industry for filling systems with corresponding food approvals. We also offer a wide range of flat gaskets and shaft seals (radial shaft seals) in various designs.

Trust through quality.

Overview of Turned Seals

Produce seals with our machines

DMH Maschine 250
DMH 250
DMH Maschine 400
DMH 400
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DMH 500
DMH Maschine 700
DMH 700
DMH Maschine 850h
DMH 850
DMH Maschine 1000
DMH 1000
DMH Maschine 1600
DMH 1600
DMH Maschine 2000
DMH 2000
DMH Maschine 2500
DMH 2500

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