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DMH Maschine 1000


The DMH 1000 is suited to seals with a turning diameter of 200 to 1,000 mm, a performance spectrum that few machines on the market are able to offer. In light of its impressively large turning diameter, it possesses a clamping system that is equally impressive in its simplicity and requires minimal space at the same time. The DMH 1000 is especially suited to elastomers because its programming and turning technology were specifically optimized for these.

Model variants

  • Max. turning diameter

    1,000 MM

  • c-axis

    yes (optional)

  • y-axis


Product info

  • Application areas

    Seal retailers, OEM, MRO, heavy hydraulics

  • Equipment options

    The machine is only available in the version H (hydraulic).

  • Scope of delivery

    Included in the purchase are software, basic tool kit, clamping system, chopper, and suction system.

360° view

Technial details

DetailsDMH 1000 H
Max. turning diameter1,000 mm
Min. turning diameter300 mm
Main drive power22 kW
Total weight3,300 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H)2,750 × 2,230 × 2,005 mm
Max. bar diameter60 mm
Slide traverse X/Y/Z710/-/230 mm
c-axisyes (optional)
Max. speed, main drive9001/min.
Spindle nose per DIN 55026KK8
Power input36 kW
Tool sizeVDI 30
Turret positions8
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z20/-/20 m/min.
Barfeeder interfaceoptional

Possible Add-Ons

  • Airplast

    DMH 1000 H

  • Level Monitoring

    DMH 1000 H

  • Coolant pressure control

    DMH 1000 H

  • Cooling water cleaning

    DMH 1000 H

  • Touch probe

    DMH 1000 H

  • Remote Maintenance

    DMH 1000 H

  • Part Catcher

    DMH 1000 H

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