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Built today. Developed for the future.

The reason that today, in its 26th year since being founded, DMH is a world leader in the field of seals and machining plastics, is because we always say “Yes” to the future. We are a family company that is also very focused on allowing all of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners to be able to grow with us. We stand for 100% quality, 100% problem solving and 100% customer satisfaction.

Confidence through quality

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Yesterday. Today. And of course, for tomorrow.

Business success - as our customers know first-hand - is rarely the result of luck. Rather, it is the result of continuous creativity, good teamwork and: the right decisions. We are happy to be the reliable expertise at your side. Yesterday. Today. And of course, for tomorrow.

Perfection and ambition

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Human value

As a family business, we focus on people. We are a family company that focuses not only on the visions of the founder or the interests of the next generation. The people behind our company create our success.

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