The Traboch-based company, which is one of the world market leaders in the field of sealing technology, was represented at ConExpo, the largest construction trade fair in North America, from March 14 to 18.

DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandels GmbH is known for its unique sealing system and products in the fields of machinery, components and tools.  A modern and extremely attractive virtual trade show concept attracted the interest of numerous trade show visitors. For the first time, the physical presentation of the machines was dispensed with. For example, the 3D model of a DMH sealing lathe, which was functional in parts, proved to be a special highlight. Modern video technology and touch panels made the trade show appearance a great product experience for customers and interested parties.

By participating in ConExpo, the innovative company is not only targeting the North American market; experience has shown that this renowned trade fair is also frequented by many visitors from South America, but also from the Middle East and Asia. So Andreas Hochfellner Jun. and Franz Jonke can draw an extremely positive summary of the fair appearance. More than 100 high-quality contacts, quite a few of them with a high potential for possible deals, underline this impressively.

The visitor figures can also confirm this; in the post-pandemic upswing, the ConExpo & IFPE shows in Las Vegas attracted around 139,000 visitors. An increase of six percent over the previous edition in 2020, which had been heavily overshadowed by the then-emerging Corona pandemic. Of the 139,000, 24,000 were international visitors from 133 countries.

While the focus of the Traboch-based company, which has been operating successfully in the United States for many years through a subsidiary, has tended to be on the East Coast in the past, the trade show saw increasing interest in DMH technology from companies on the West Coast. With "America first," the market seems to be changing in that there is an upswing in manufacturing companies. As a result, companies are increasingly looking for production facilities that will allow "Made in America" to reemerge.  As a technology and system supplier, this plays into the hands of the Styrian supplier and will be a focal point of sales activities in the coming years.

 DMH-USA is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, where the material storage facility for supplying American customers is also located. Special seals can also be produced there according to customer requirements. The machinery business, on the other hand, is handled by the company headquarters in Traboch.

In this interview, DMH provides insight into the fascinating world of seal technology.

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