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The Semi-finished Materials price list 2024 is now available

Service at the highest level, competitive prices at fair conditions and satisfied customers will continue to be among DMH's top priorities in the future. Despite the ongoing challenging situation in terms of salary inflation adjustments and high energy and raw material costs, we have been able to reduce prices for a large proportion of semi-finished products thanks to continuous efficiency improvements in our internal processes and sustainable projects. We are pleased to present our new semi-finished product price list, which is valid 

for orders from 15 May 2024.

When the new price list comes into force, the previously separate surcharge will no longer apply and the discount rates for POM 400, PA 6 410, UHMW-PE 420, all PTFE types and RFL 80 720 and 721 will be standardised at 30%.

To incorporate both environmental and digitization considerations, our semi-finished product price list is now exclusively available in digital format. This decision has been made to address current challenges and to continue providing you with the best possible service.

The main reason for this transition lies in the constant price fluctuations in the market. Therefore, a physical printing of the price list is no longer cost-effective and would not provide the most up-to-date information. However, through the digital version, we can guarantee you a faster and more precise update, similar to our tool catalog.

We are confident that this measure allows us to be more flexible in responding to changes and to provide you with the most accurate prices and information at all times.

You can now request the digital semi-finished product price list on our website at If you would prefer the semi-finished product price list as .excel or .csv or have any further questions, please contact us directly at

The new semi-finished catalog with all important detailed information on semi-finished products is in preparation and is expected to be available in the summer of 2024.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.

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