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Our service technicians. Our business card

Providing customers with the best possible support was the focus of a recent workshop for DMH service technicians.

Machines, seals and semi-finished products are supplied from the company headquarters in Traboch to around 80 countries around the world. In line with DMH's high quality standards of offering customers top service, our highly trained service technicians are therefore also on the road all over the world.

Working directly with customers brings with it a variety of challenges, both in terms of technical expertise and interpersonal skills. On the one hand, the workshop aimed to question the importance and role of service technicians as DMH's calling card and to anchor this even more firmly in their self-image.

On the other hand, the aim was to provide practical tools for providing customers with the best possible support, with a particular focus on preparing for customer appointments. In this context, the establishment of a platform for the direct exchange of experiences and the subsequent joint development of solutions was considered. Strengthening the team spirit was an aspect that ran through the entire workshop.

The workshop was led by Britta Böhm, who is responsible for HR at DMH. She has many years of experience in this sector and has already held numerous workshops, seminars and coaching sessions with managers at various levels.

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