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Katrin Wernbacher and Christoph Ehweiner are two prime examples of the success story an apprenticeship at this Traboch-based company, which ranks among the world leaders in the field of turned seals, can lead to.

Both of them successfully completed their apprenticeships at DMH. As team leaders, they have also taken on the diverse responsibilities as apprentice supervisors in their respective departments. With evident enthusiasm, Katrin and Christoph pass on their knowledge to the "next generations" of skilled workers; Katrin in the Mechanical Manufacturing department, and Christoph in the Injection Molding department.

The fact that they work in these two departments today is not coincidental. During their time at PTS Trofaiach, Katrin and Christoph completed internships at DMH in these departments due to their interests. In short, they know what makes a "good apprenticeship" and that it can unquestionably be the first step in a company's career.

However, Katrin Wernbacher and Christoph Ehweiner also understand that lifelong learning is not only in demand but absolutely necessary for both sides today. Accordingly, Katrin is taking the next step in her personal development and is currently attending the master school, including business school, on her path to becoming a certified master craftsman. Even though Christoph has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the fascinating field of plastics over the past 15 years, he continues to be passionate about "tinkering" to advance material development.

It is the combination of dedicated professionals, modern seal turning machines, special materials, and innovative software that has made the Traboch-based company one of the world leaders in the field of turned seals. Following the motto "Everything from one source," DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandel GmbH has been serving partners on all continents for over 20 years.

Young people who want to start their personal career success story with an apprenticeship at DMH are warmly invited to apply and become part of the DMH family, which currently includes around 200 employees.

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