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DMH as a one-stop shop – now with HGW-guide materials available ex store. Based on polyester resin tissue.

Because seals should never be used to guide pistons and piston rods, separate guide elements must be provided that prevent the erosion of the piston against the cylinder wall or the piston rod in the guide bush.

For this purpose, synthetic elements are used that are very hard-wearing and generate little friction. They are offered in a variety of forms. Guide rings are slotted rings made to measure. They are easy to install, are very hard-wearing, and facilitate simple cylinder construction. In addition, the guide band is delivered as a smooth band. Sections of material sold by the metre are cut to the desired length with a bevel cut. They are easy to install and also facilitate simple cylinder construction. For large diameters, this is the most economical solution.

DMH Halbzeuge im Regal

It is used where the product characteristics of thermoplastic materials like POM (polyoxymethylene or polyacetal) and PA (nylon) are no longer sufficient and mechanical stress is too high.

General use:

  • Increased load capacity

  • Low friction coefficient

  • Dimensional stability

  • Increased temperature resistance

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