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There are no half-measures to our semi-finished materials.

The production of high-quality tubes and rods for the machining of sealing elements is one of our core competencies.  Our large inventory of semi-finished materials, short delivery times and seamless quality assurance systems allow us to cover a wide range of seal applications optimally. Whether standard dimensions to custom measurements, we supply the full range of materials and qualities in semi-finished materials. With dependability and punctuality guaranteed.

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Semi-finished materials by material group

We produce semi-finished materials in over 50 varieties and support customers from day one in finding the right material for their individual application: from extra elastic to temperature-resistant and food grade.

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DMH Halbzeug Anwendung Cool

Semi-finished materials by application

We offer a large selection of semi-finished materials and are able to provide customers with the right material for any type of use. We are happy to advise you in selecting a suitable material for your individual application.

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