Plastics Technician

Wanted: innovation

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Your mission

Plastic is THE material of the future! And industrial plastics processing has continuously reinvented itself thanks to innovative machines, tools and materials. As a plastics technologist, you will work with a wide variety of production technologies on the manufacture of our products and will be trained in production technology and production management. That makes you a specialist with a wide range of knowledge in a future-proof field. Optimal career opportunities? Check!

The content of your training


    You will work on state-of-the-art machines throughout the entire process of plastic goods production.


    You will control and monitor the machines and prepare the raw materials.


    You will work on the manufacture of products of all kinds using innovative processing techniques.


    You will check the finished parts against specified requirements and standards.


    You will work on the implementation of set-up processes and conversions of production facilities.

DMH Lehrlingskampagne 2023 - Kunststofftechnolog*in

What do we offer?


Family environment

We work with machines, but we focus on people. As a family business, we are aware of the value of each of our employees, who together make our success happen. We achieve this by always being reliable and appreciative, as well as loyal and fair to each other. This creates a sense of togetherness that we strengthen every day and regularly celebrate at company parties.


Professional training

We have been training for over 20 years and take a serious three-pronged approach to your training. To that end, we have developed a trial system that complements the classic training with internal training and external special training. This ensures that by the time you complete your training, you will be one of the top performers in your field.


Opportunities for further education

Your positive development contributes to our success. That’s why we encourage your progression and provide you with regular training and further education opportunities to continually expand your expertise. In this way, you can climb the career ladder step by step.

DMH Lehrlingskampagne 2023 - Kunststofftechnolog*in


  • Reliability and precision

  • Teamwork and politeness

  • Manual dexterity and technical understanding

  • Independence and logical thinking

  • Perseverance and resilience


DMH Teamwork


DMH is one of the world market leaders in the field of machined seals and the production of modern CNC machines for plastics processing, and manufactures high-quality semi-finished plastic products as well as seals and precision parts of all kinds. We have been successful on the market for 20 years, are active in 80 countries worldwide and, as a family business with branches in the USA, China and Australia, offer over 150 highly trained employees a future-proof professional home. And what’s more: we turn boys and girls into the future superheroes of their craft.

Future is bright

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Plastics Technician

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DMH Lehrlingskampagne 2023 - Kunsstofftechnolog*in
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