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Large Seals of DMH

After years of development to eliminate the limitation of sizes in all our areas, i.e. machines, gasket materials, software and finally the turned gasket, we at DMH now only speak of a large gasket from a diameter of 1500mm, which we can currently realize endlessly up to 2500mm. In line with the motto - big-bigger-biggest, we continue to develop on a daily basis so that we can continue to set these limits ourselves in the future.

Worth knowing

  • Fact #1

    Our products are available in standard DMH materials such as polyurethane, elastomers, PTFE and thermoplastic materials.

  • Fact #2

    Our range includes both standard DMH profiles and customized solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

  • Fact #3

    We guarantee targeted and individual delivery times thanks to our in-house production of semi-finished products and an extensively stocked range for gasket production.


Why Large Seals?

The development of our global partners and the industry as a whole is not only taking place in large steps, but also in large dimensions, resulting in an exponential demand for large sealing solutions. Our large gaskets are very popular in the repair sector, where small batch sizes and fast availability are crucial. They also play an important role in long-term planned projects and maintenance, where trust, continuity, adherence to deadlines and sufficient capacity for large quantities up to large series are required. Due to increasing process optimization and longer running times of large systems, the seals make a significant contribution to sustainability despite rising energy, material and raw material costs. They make it possible to optimize running times, minimize downtimes, reduce maintenance costs and prevent environmental contamination.


Where are Large Seals used?

Large seals are subject to extremely demanding requirements. With increasing size of machinery, not only do material and energy costs rise, but also the necessity for the seals used to withstand extreme conditions. Especially for demanding applications, special high-performance plastics with increased wear resistance are required.

Large seals are used, for example, in the following applications:

  • Power plants / hydropower / turbines

  • Wind turbines

  • Mining and tunnel construction

  • Hydraulic presses

  • Pipelines

  • Shipping


Welded Large Seals

Polyurethane solutions with a diameter of over 2,500 mm are large welded seals, which we can usually supply up to 10,000 mm . They are used in systems that do not allow continuous assembly and can be welded on site at the customer's premises. Our interlocking welding process enables us to achieve the required outer diameter and performance. Thanks to our optimized process, we offer fast delivery times and advice as with our entire range of gaskets. It is also possible to train customers specifically on this process.

Available in:

  • DMH100 HPU

  • DMH170 SL-PU

  • DMH110 HPU 55D

Vulcanized Seals

As certain applications in the largest dimensions also require elastomer as a material , we also offer standard and special profiles made from our Nitrile Butadiene Rubber with a hardness of 85 Shore A up to 10,000 mm on request. Experience has shown that welded / vulcanized sealing solutions are usually specifically tailored to a project or customer request.

Available in:

  • DMH300 NBR 85

Trust through quality.

DMH Maschine 2500

DMH 2500

The DMH 2500 stretches the boundaries of possibility: for seals with a turning diameter of 600 to 2,500 mm, our latest machine takes maximum diameter to a new level. And, in the process, impresses with precision down to the smallest detail. The material is clamped vertically and the structure is especially stable and space-saving.

To DMH 2500

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