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If you look back today at the founding of DMH in 1997 – what has changed?

Andreas Hochfellner junior: DMH was born from ideas and strong engineering expertise. At the time, there was a real can-do and pioneering spirit: no one suspected, knew, or planned that the company would one day become a world market leader. Today, the process would be much more complicated, the requirements have grown – but our motto has always been to always give our best. And that makes us strong to this day and will also do so in future.

Philip Hochfellner: Absolutely right! I also think that a lot has changed since then. In technology, aside from anything else. But what has certainly not changed is our unique customer orientation. DMH offers its partners a comprehensive service: from sealing materials to machines, software, cutting tools, training, software upgrades, and sales support. That sets us apart from the competitors.

Andreas Hochfellner junior: In addition, DMH has a fixed strategy and clear rules. And our customers can rely on that! That’s why, even after 25 years, 99 % of our customers have remained loyal to us: DMH has been providing support for generations – both internally and to customers. Not everyone can say that!

Generation – that’s a very relevant term: DMH is successful on the market as a family business in its second generation. Apart from the good service, what is your recipe for success?

Philip Hochfellner: In addition to our special ability to see and understand things through the eyes of our customers, without doubt our second strength is that we have remained a family business despite our growth and size. That guarantees trust, reliability – and that we keep our word. However, remaining a family business also means creating a framework for employees in which they feel at home and are happy to give their all. One thing is clear: without the extraordinary commitment of our team, our success would not be possible. With that in mind, we also train our employees further. So that we can continue to offer our customers the expertise and high-quality performance they have come to expect from us.

Many markets are currently under increasing cost pressure. Even market leaders are not unaffected by that. What is the added value that DMH brings?

Philip Hochfellner: Innovation and maximum customization. We are not the cheapest provider, but we do not want to be and do not have to be! Our customers appreciate our special solutions and are willing to pay a little more for the additional quality and service we provide. That also gives them better material properties, longer machine life, and faster service: if, for example, a seal is the cause of a standstill or even an emergency, we manage to produce virtually any seal and deliver it to any country in the world within 48 hours. That makes our customers successful. And, consequently, DMH successful, as well.

“As a family business, we not only master our craft. We can also see the business from the customer’s perspective.” - PHILIP HOCHFELLNER

DMH Gebäude Außenansicht

Longer shelf lives, more efficient use, less waste – these are topics that are closely linked to the over­arching topic of sustainability. What approach does DMH take when it comes to protecting the world of tomorrow for future generations?

Andreas Hochfellner junior: For us, sustainability and future viability are also related to technology. DMH offers solutions that are a couple of steps ahead of the crowd. With software that, in addition to concrete production, also integrates and intelligently manages production planning or warehousing. With AI. With robotics. And everything we can do to drive progress in a sustainable and clean way.

Given you are very future-oriented in terms of innovative strength – why are tradition and a sense of home still so important?

Andreas Hochfellner junior: For us, tradition means having a team that sticks together. A DMH family, in the literal and figurative sense. We learned that from our parents. And we and all our colleagues carry it on every day in our work: we are pulling in the same direction. And that’s what makes it so much fun!

That’s a good way to finish – thank you for the interview and all the best for the future to you and the whole DMH team!

„Mit unseren Produkten lösen wir Aufgaben. Mit unserem Service jedes Problem. Und genau das ist es, was unsere Kunden an uns schätzen!“ - ANDREAS HOCHFELLNER JUNIOR

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